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Other Characters In Hazzard
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The Dukes Of Hazzard


Lulu Coltrane Hogg was Boss Hogg's wife and Rosco's sister. She also had all the money that was in the Coltrane family. That was Boss's real reason for marrying her. She was not seen around Hazzard as much during the beginning of the show. She was usually on a "fat farm" when her absance had to be explained. She loved to eat as much as Boss and it was usually chocolate bon-bons. Daisy and Lulu started Hazzard Equal Rights Society (HERS) and was part of many clubs in town. Lulu liked the Duke Family and it made Boss and Rosco mad. The good thing was that Lulu was the only person the Boss was afraid of!


Cletus Hogg who was one 1/8th Hogg had to live up to Boss' way of things. He sometimes tried to be good though. He was only around when Enos went to California. He was always in a deputy uniform and police car.

I do not have pictures of the characters listed below.
Cooter Davenport could fix and car whether he got paid or not. He had a reputation of being crazy, but the older he got the more he mellowed. He was usually seen in jeans and a beign shirt with the sleeves cut off and a baseball cap. He usually had grease all over his clothes and he drove many different models of trucks from Fords to Dodges to Chevys. The Duke Boys love to call him Crazy Cooter.
Hazzard did have a doctor named Dr. Appleby. He was only seen once in awhile. He delieved triplets, treated the Dukes and took care of the orphans.
The last major character was Ms. Tisdale and was the postmistress. He was an older woman who delievered the mail on her dirt bike and was in love with Jesse Duke. She followed the rules of the postal service by the letter.