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From Season 8, outside Suellen's mother's house in Dallas. (Above)

At the Ewing Rodeo in 1979, Suellen Ewing met Dusty Farlow. Dusty was entered in the rodeo and for the next weeks they were not apart for very long. When Suellen was ready to leave JR for Dusty tragedy struck. Dusty's plan went down and he was assumed dead. Suellen started drinking again and it lead to JR being Shot in 1980. Suellen was so drunk she did not remember if she had committed the crime or not.Then she learned that her sister, Kristin had framed her.


Almost 2 years later Suellen noticed she was being followed. At the end of the trail was Dusty. He was not dead, but crippled from the crash. He did not think he could be enough for Suellen. Suellen left JR and went to The Southern Cross, the Farlows ranch. Pam brought her John Ross. Soon Kristin died at Southfork and Suellen and JR divorced. Soon the frustration Dusty felt came between them and Suellen left to live in a condo in Dallas. Suellen was watched over by Dusty's father, Clayton who had fallen in love with her. She never felt the same way towards him.


Dusty never came back into Suellen's life, but he was one of the greatest loves of her life and she never completely forgot him.


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