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Kristin dead in the Southfork pool. (above) She was found by Cliff Barnes.


JR and Kristin (above) on the Southfork patio.

Kristin Shepard came to town in episode 20, "For Love or Money". The role was played by Colleen Camp and Mary Crosby took over in episode 32, "The Silent Killer". Episode 58 "Who Done It" was Kristin's last appearance for awhile in Dallas. After JR learnes that she shot him he sends her to California to have his baby. (She miscarries that baby and gets pregnant again by Jeff Faraday who sells their baby, Christopher, to Bobby Ewing.)


Kristin returnes in episode 76, "Full Circle". Kristin would make it to the next episode. After getting money out of Jeremy Wendell who she made believe fathered her baby she tried to get more out of JR. When he would not give her any they fought. Some how she ends up falling over the second floor balcony at Southfork into the pool. She is found by Cliff Barnes.



Kristin and Suellen at Southfork in Suellen and JR's bedroom (above).

Kristin (below) with Jordan Lee who she exstorted money from.



Kristin and Suellen in front of Southfork (above) and Kristin and Suellen around the time of JR's shooting (below).



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