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Suellen Shepard Ewing met JR Ewing when she in the Miss. Texas Pageant in 1963. They married in 1971. Soon Suellen learned that marriage was not all it was cracked up to be. At least with JR.  For the next few years she lived quietly as Mrs. JR Ewing. Than in 1977 when Jock retired from Ewing Oil putting JR in as president Suellen became a member of the top of social status. Than in 1979 Suellen became pregnant. She did not know if the baby was her and JR's or her's with Cliff Barnes. Cliff Barnes JR's biggest enemy and Suellen had been having an affair and just after they ended it she became pregnant. She started drinking because she missed Cliff and JR had her locked in hospital. She escaped an was in a car accident. She delived John Ross by C-section in her 7th month of pregnancy. He survived the crash and her drinking and was pretty healthy. Than Suellen had to find out if the baby was JR's or Cliff's. John Ross was JR's son. It took Suellen awhile to connect with John Ross, but when she did she had to give him the best.  That meant leaving Southfork and JR to move to the Southern Cross Ranch to be with Dusty Farlow a cowboy she met at the 1979 rodeo.


She left Southfork in 1981 and filled for divorce. John Ross was brought to her at the Southern Cross by Pamela. She lived their till her and Dusty split and than moved to a condo in Dallas where Clayton, Dusty's father helped her to be on her own.


Than in 1982 JR and Suellen remarried. The happy times only lasted till 1983 when Suellen caught JR having an affair with Holly Harwood. Seperate bedrooms at Southfork followed and so did the car crash that took Mickey Trotter's life. Suellen was drunk and drove JR's car right into a trap set up for JR and Mickey who was trying to save her was injuried and later died. Than a fire broke out at Southfork. The family survived and the home was fixed, but Suellen and JR would never be the same again. She would put her focus on rasing John Ross and would find happiness later in her life after her divorce from JR marrying Don Lockwood and moving to Europe.


Linda Gray did play other roles in her carrer other than Suellen. Over 12 television movies are to her credit and the movie The Gambler Part III: The Legend Continues with Kenny Rogers. She did play Suellen in both the Dallas movies too. Linda Gray is a truly talented actress who can catch you with the movie of her eyes or mouth. She can use her hands to bring you into the scene. Linda knows how to take a viewer to the scene and take you past your television screen. She is one of televisions greatest actress of all time and I hope to have many more chances to see her talent.



Suellen around 1978 (above and below).




This is my favorite picture of Suellen (above).


I think Suellen's hair and top in the shots (above and below) look amazing! The shots are from season 4 and are from Christo.



(Above) Episode 268 in season 10 and (below) a recent picture of Linda Gray around 1998.




Suellen during season 4 trying on a gift from JR (above). The photo is from Christo.





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