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This page includes pictures and information on characters that were only on the show for a short time. I have done the best I can to remember how they are connected to the Ewing family. If it is not correct please let me know.


Harv Smithfield was the Ewing's lawyer and was played by George O. Petrie. He was a lawyer for Jock then the boys along with any other family members that had legal trouble. Harv was always there when JR and Bobby needed him to fix a jam. Sadly, George O. Petrie passed away after his final Dallas appearence in JR Returns. George first appeared in Dallas in the first episode of season 2, Whatever Happened To Baby John, Part 1.


Jerry Kenderson, played by Barry Jenner, was Mark Graison's best friend and doctor. He was the one that broke the news to Pam that Mark was dying of cancer and finally broke the news to Mark. During the season 8 when Mark came back Jerry was put in charge of Mark's clinic, Graison Research. Jerry also fell in love with Suellen who was head of fundraising for the clinic. The relationship and Jerry's time on Dallas ended when season 8 turned out to be a dream.
The first appearance of Jerry Kenderson was episode number 148 Eye of the Beholder in season 6. His first run ended with episode 157 Blow Up. He returned in episode 197 Mothers in season 8 and his last appearance would be episode 221 Hello, Goodbye, Hello.


Lady Jessica Farlow Montford is Clayton Farlow's younger sister and was played by Alexis Smith. She is also Dusty Farlow's mother. Jessica gave birth to Dusty out of wedlock in London and the baby was raised by Clayton and his wife, Amy. Jessica went crazy after the birth and again when she was released from a mental hospital years later to return to Texas. She murdered Amy because she believed that Amy had taken her son and she burned down The Southern Cross commit the murder. Some time after that she moved back to London and  married Lord Montford. She did not return to the states until Clayton and Miss Ellie's wedding. Jessica tried to kill Ellie because she believed that Ellie wanted to be Dusty's mother. She was caught after taking Ellie and put away. Dusty does not know that Jessica is his mother and Clayton kept it that way. Jessica first appeared in Episode 155, The Unexpected and is last seen in episode 161, End Game.


Punk Anderson, played by Morgan Woodward, was best friends with Jock Ewing and remained friends with Ellie after his death and later became a friend to Clayton. Punk was there with Jock when Ewing Oil was just a small company and he was there when Jock and Ellie fell in love. Punk was present when Jock died in a helicopter crash and after the crash he and his wife, Mavis helped Miss Ellie through her grief. Punk was also in charge of Jock's will and helped from then on.




Slyvia "Sly" Lovegren, played by Debbie Rennard, became the #1 secertary at Ewing Oil. She was the longest running staff member on screen. She helped JR keep information from Bobby, just as Julie Grey had done. After many years with JR, Sly and JR had a one night stand. She remained loyal to JR through season 13.
Sly first appeared in episode #79 Gone, But Not Forgotten and even appeared in JR Returns.



Phyllis first appeared in The Making Of A President and was played by Deborah Tranelli. Phyllis was filling in for Connie, Bobby's secretary when she was out sick. A few episodes later (number 72) Phyllis permantly replaced Connie with no explination. Phyllis always stood beside Bobby and reminded him of JR's evil ways. Phyllis even stayed on after Bobby's death and worked for Pam who took Bobby's place. Phyllis worked for Bobby through season 13.
I have not found out Phyllis' last name, marital status or any other personal information. Speical credit goes out to members of the Ultimate Dallas Message Board members who assisted me in gathering this information.



Barbara Babcock played Liz Craig, Pam's boss at THE STORE. She first appeared in episode 9 (Bypass) and last appeared in episode 95 (Anniversary). Liz Craig would mainly consist of being a boss and friend to Pam. She was there for Pam during her and Bobby's first divorce.
Barbara continued to act and appeared in another one of my favorite shows, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, during the early 1990's.


Alice Hirson played Mavis Anderson, wife of Punk Anderson. Punk was best friends with Jock and later Clayton. Mavis was best friends with Miss Ellie. Even though Punk showed up early on the series Mavis was not seen until episode 105 "Where There's A Will". She reappeared in seasons 6, 9 and 10 and mostly at the Oil Baron's Ball.
According to The 25 Years Of Dallas book, Barbara Bel Geddes and Alice Hirson really were good friends.


Holly Harwood played by Lois Chiles first appeared in season 5, episode 104 (Changing Of The Guard) and last appeared in season 6, episode 138 (Ray's Trial).
Holly was one of JR's many mistresses and owner of Harwood Oil that she inherted from her father. Holly was in love with Bobby and this was when Pam and Bobby were seperated and getting ready to divorce. Before Holly could make her move JR blackmailed her by letting her know that Bobby would never date her if he knew they had slept together. In return for keeping quiet JR got 25% of Harwood Oil. He destroyed her company.
When Holly tried to save Suellen and let her know that JR was still a cheater Suellen did not believe her. Holly set up Suellen to catch her and JR in bed. Suellen saw it and started drinking right away. (That drinking led to the accident that killed Mickey Trotter.) Holly did not stay in Dallas much longer after that.


Sargant Harry McSween, played by James L. Brown, first appeared in Dallas in episode 22 (The Red File, Part 1) and last appeared in 283 (No Greater Love). Harry was JR's man in the Dallas Police Department that got him out of jams and investigated people. Harry's biggest cover up was when a body was left in JR's office at Ewing Oil by B.D. Calhone.
Harry McSween was also a family friend to Sly Lovegren, JR's favorite and longest running secertary. Harry gave her name to JR and Sly was close enough to Harry to call him "Uncle Harry". James L. Brown died in 1992 at the age of 72.