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Episode 1: Digger's Daughter

Bobby Ewing marries Pamela Barnes. Her father is his father's enemy. JR, Bobby's brother tries to destroy their marriage with the help of Ray Krebbs. Ray is the foreman of the Ewing ranch, Southfork. The plan fails and brings Bobby and Pam closer together.

Episode 2: Lessons

Pam tries to help Bobby's niece, Lucy. (Her father is the Ewing middle brother, Gary, who does not live at Southfork.) She is skipping school and tries to get her teacher in trouble. Lucy is also sleeping with Ray Krebbs. Pam learns the real Lucy. When Pam and Bobby see Ray and Lucy at the disco Bobby and Ray get into a fight. Pam helps the teacher by getting Lucy in trouble and gets him cleared.

Episode 3: Spy In The House

JR is sleeping with his secertary, Julie Gray. He treats her like a whore and she decides to pay him back. She gives secret files

from Ewing Oil to Cliff Barnes, Pam's brother. JR accuses Pam of giving Cliff the files. Julie eventually admits to giving the files to Cliff and she quits her job. Everyone in the family apologizes to Pam for not trusting her.

Episode 4: Winds of Vengeance

JR and Ray have affairs with two woman during a trip to Waco, Texas. The husband and brother of one woman come to Southfork to get revenge. There is a hurricane and a holiday so no one is working on Southfork and only Ray, JR and the women are at Southfork when the men arrive. The men make the women suffer until Jock and Bobby arrive and save the day.

Episode 5: Barbecue

Digger Barnes comes to the Ewing barbecue at Southfork at Pamela's request. Pam announces she is pregnant and within minutes Jock and Digger are fighting. Digger starts drinking and has to be taken home. Pam goes to the barn to rest an encounters JR. He is drunk and tries to talk to her and she falls. She suffers a miscarriage and Bobby blames JR.