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Episode 6: Reunion, Part 1

Bobby and Pam go to Las Vegas and run into Bobby's brother and Lucy's father, Gary. Gary returns to Southfork with Pam and Bobby. Miss Ellie is happy and so is Lucy, but Jock and JR are less than thrilled. Lucy then surprises Gary when she takes him to see her mother, Valene. They all come back to Southfork and JR starts his plans to get them off Southfork.


Episode 7: Reunion, Part 2

JR sets Gary up with a failing business to take over. Everyone thinks JR is being nice, but Valene knows the is up to something. Pam has a problem of her own as Digger is recovering from a drinking binge. Digger wants nothing to do with Pam now that she is married to a Ewing. Gary ends up leaving under the stress and Valene is forced to leave by JR.


Episode 8: Old Acquaintance

Jenna Wade, Bobby's first love who he once was going to marry returns to Dallas asking for Bobby's help. Jenna's daughter, Charlie, might be Bobby's child and he decides to help her get on her feet. Pam sees Jenna as trouble and Charlie makes it worse. They could end Pam and Bobby's marriage. In the end Bobby wants to be with Pam.


Episode 9: Bypass

Bobby wants to leave Ewing Oil because of JR's tricks. During an arguement with JR over Bobby leaving the business Jock has a heart attack. All the members of the family come to see Jock daily in the hospital except Bobby. He is in denial and uses working with Ray on the ranch as a cover. Pamela finally sets Bobby straight and Bobby goes to see Jock. Jock's surgery is successful.

Episode 10: Black Market Baby

Jock recovers from his bypass. Suellen wants a baby with JR and decides to go through the black market to get one. She has to have a baby before Pam and Bobby. JR stops her plans. Pam's doctor tells her that she can not have a baby.

Episode 11: Double Wedding

A man named Ed Haynes comes to JR's office saying her is married to Pamela. Ed  got rid of the documents proving that his and Pamela's marriage was annulled. We soon learn that JR is behind it to get rid of Pam. Bobby is angry at Pam for keeping it from him, but ready mad at JR when he learns he set it all up.

Episode 12: Runaway

Lucy runs away from Southfork when Jock says her mother cannot come to her birthday party. The man Lucy gets a ride with a robber who kidnaps her. Bobby risks his life to save Lucy and it all turns out alright.

Episode 13: Election

Pam backs Cliff as her runs for senator against the Ewing candidate. Then Pam accidentally gives JR inforamtion that forces Cliff to back out of the election.

Episode 14: Survival

Pam spends a lot of time at her new job and her and Bobby start fighting about it. JR and Bobby go on a business trip and their private plane goes down in the swamp during a storm. The Ewing woman try to keep the possible tragedy from Jock, but he finds out anyway. Suellen asks Cliff to help her get a baby. JR and Bobby return home to Southfork safely.

Episode 15: Act Of Love

Suellen starts to spend more and more time with Cliff and learns that she is pregnant. She just does not know if the baby is JR's or Cliff's. Pam gets promoted and has to go to Paris. Bobby is upset by the plans and they fight again.

Episode 16: Triangle

Ray falls in love with country singer, Garrnet McGee and wants to marry her. Lucy is jealous of the relationship, but JR puts a stop to it when JR falls for her. Bobby has to break up a fight between JR and Ray over Garrnett.

Episode 17: Fallen Idol

Bobby runs into his former college buddy, Taylor "Guzzler" Bennett. Bobby looked up to him and soon Guzzler talks Bobby into putting a shopping center on Southfork land. Miss Ellie and JR are against the idea and Pam does not trust Guzzler. Guzzler finally leaves Dallas.

Episode 18: Kidnapped

Three kidnappers try and kidnap JR for 1.5 million dollars. They end up kidnapping Bobby instead and Cliff Barnes must be the go between to get Bobby back. The Ewings have plans on how to get Bobby back that are different than Cliff and Pam. They decide to go with Cliff and Pam's idea. As the return is going down JR and Ray and some ranch hands bring the kidnappers down.

Episode 19: Home Again

Ellie's brother, Garrison Southworth returns to Southfork. He was believed to be dead for many years. Miss Ellie is determined to give the ranch back to him. Since the ranch was original willed to him. All the Ewings are angry. Garrison does not want the ranch he came home to die at the place where his was born.

Episode 20: For Love Or Money

Suellen learns of one of JR's affairs. She walks out on him to stay with her mother and sister in Dallas. She goes to Cliff for comfort. He wants to marry her, but JR wants her back.

Episode 21: Julie's Return

Julie Grey, JR's former secertary, returns to Dallas. She meets with Jock regularly and Miss Ellie believe's she is losing him. Everyone wants and answer from Jock, but Ellie gets it from Julie.

Episode 22: The Red File, Part 1

Cliff gets a public office. He tries to get back at the Ewings with his new position. Julie wants to help him. Soon Julie ends up dead after falling from the roof of her apartment building. Cliff is arrested.

Episode 23: The Red File, Part 2

Cliff's trial begins and he looks like he will go to prison. Bobby finds the truth and learns that JR is making changes to Jock's will. Arguements get worse between Pam and Bobby and she moves out.

Episode 24: Suellen's Sister

While Pam is away JR uses the arrival of Suellen's sister, Kristin to get Bobby's mind off Pam.

Episode 25: Callgirl

Ray and Bobby fight and JR tries again to destroy Pam and Bobby's marriage. He uses Pam's friend who happens to be a callgirl to carry out his plan.

Episode 26: Royal Marriage

Lucy and Kit Mainwarring, of Mainwarring Oil, get engaged and JR sees it as the perfect opportunity to make Ewing Oil bigger. But, Kit is a homosexual and after sleeping together, Kit breaks the news to Lucy. Her heart is broken, but Bobby comforts her.

Episode 27: The Outsiders

Cliff uses his office against the Ewings. JR and Sentor Sam Culver try to stop Cliff. Ray and Donna start dating, but Donna is married to Sam Culver.

Episode 28: John Ross Ewing III, Part 1

Southfork is falling apart. A pregnant, Suellen is drinking again and Lucy is taking drugs after her failed engagment. Suellen falls down the stairs and almost loses her baby. JR takes her to a clinic to get her clean and protect the baby.

Episode 29: John Ross Ewing III, Part 2

At the clinic, Suellen gets alcohol from one of the nurses. Suellen tells Bobby that Cliff may be the father of her baby. Bobby goes after Cliff for sleeping with Suellen. Suellen escapes the clinic and crashes a car. She gives birth to John Ross Ewing, III. He is premature and could die.