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Episode 30: Whatever Happened To Baby John, Part 1

After her car accident Suellen recovers and goes back to the ranch days later. She is not interested in her baby. Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames who killed Julie Grey are released from prison. Baby John is kidnapped from the hospital.

Episode 31: Whatever Happened To Baby John, Part 2

Bobby thinks Cliff took the baby. Pam and Cliff try and find the baby. Ames and Garr try to get money from JR by saying they have the baby. Then Pam and Bobby find Baby John.

Episode 32: The Silent Killer

Digger visits Cliff and Digger collapses. The doctors learn that he as a hereditary disease. Cliff and Pam worry that Baby John might have the disease. The baby might die if he is Cliff's. Suellen won't get close to the baby.

Episode 33: Secrets

Valene, Lucy's mother comes to see her. Cliff takes advantage of his position at the Office of Land Management by stopping oil drilling. Pam sees a doctor about the hereditary disease and learns she is pregnant.

Episode 34: The Kristin Affair

Pam tells Bobby about her pregnancy, but does not mention the disease. JR mortgages Southfork for drilling in Asia. JR starts to see Kristin, Suellen's sister.

Episode 35: The Dove Hunt

JR amd Jock are injuried during a hunting trip in Lousiana.

Episode 36: The Lost Child

Suellen is unhappy and goes to a psychiatric help. Pam has an accident and loses another baby. She finally tells Bobby about the hereditary disease.

Episode 37: Rodeo

Suellen meets cowboy, Dusty Farlow during a rodeo in Southfork. He is the son of a rich Texas rancher. JR is jealous that Suellen is interested in Dusty. Digger comes to the rodeo to see John Ross.

Episode 38: Mastectomy, Part 1

Miss Ellie discovers a lump in her breast. She doesn't tell Jock since he left his first wife, Amanda because she had a breakdown and had to be commited. Miss Ellie undergoes surgery to have her left breast removed. Suellen starts to see Dusty regularly.

Episode 39: Mastectomy, Part 2

Miss Ellie's tumor is completely removed along with her breast. She gets depressed and backs away from Jock out of fear. JR uses Alan Beam to get rid of Cliff.

Episode 40: The Heiress

JR hires Alan Beam to spy on Cliff Barnes. Lucy discovers Alan and JR working together, but JR makes her believe that Alan and him do not like each other. Bobby learns about JR's plans in Southeast Asia and about mortgaging Southfork.

Episode 41: Ellie Saves The Day

The family is shocked JR mortgaged Southfork. The drilling in Asia runs into trouble. Miss Ellie must allow drilling on Southfork to save the ranch from being taken by the bank.

Episode 42: Mother Of The Year

JR thinks Suellen is a bad mother. She gets psychiatric help. Just before drilling starts on Southfork the Asian wells come through.

Episode 43: Return Engagment

Miss Ellie's sad not to have Gary home on his birthday, but that ends when Valene and Gary come back to Dallas to remarry.

Episode 44: Love and Marriage

Pam takes over most of the care of John Ross. When Suellen comes around and connects with the baby Pam is heartbroken. Ray Krebbs sees Donna Culver again.

Episode 45: Power Play

Lucy starts meeting Alan Beam in secret. Alan is only interested in the Ewing money. JR sees this as a way to get rid of Lucy and cut Gary's ties to Southfork. Pam gets promoted again and the problems between her and Bobby get worse.

Episode 46: Paternity Suit

Digger tells a reporter that John Ross could be Cliff's son. The Ewings sue Digger and Cliff goes to court to determine the baby's paternity. The blood test shows that John Ross is JR's son.

Episode 47: Jenna's Return

Suellen sees Dusty again. Pam agrees to go to Paris for business. Bobby sees Jenna while Pam is in Paris.

Episode 48: Suellen's Choice

Bobby wants to save his marriage, but Pam thinks it is impossible without a child. Suellen wants a divorce. JR says he will never let her take John Ross. Suellen feels she cannot fight JR and decides to leave Dusty.

Episode 49: Second Thoughts

JR pressures Alan Beam to marry Lucy. Cliff resigns from the Office of Land Management to run for congress. JR uses Alan to get Cliff to run by giving the money for the campaign, but soon takes it away and Cliff is left with no career. Jock offers Alan a job position in Dallas messing up JR's plans and now JR wants to stop the wedding.

Episode 50: Divorce- Ewing Style

JR learns Cliff is now working at the District Attorney's office. JR tries to make it look like Suellen is drinking again, but Suellen hires a private eye to show JR's cheating ways. JR gets to the private eye and pays him off. The makes Suellen look crazy.

Episode 51: Jock's Trial, Part 1

A skeleton is found on Southfork and Cliff is in charge of the murder investigation. Jock is arrested. Suellen learns that Dusty died in a plane crash and starts to drink again.

Episode 52: Jock's Trial, Part 2

Jock is released on bail and the trial starts. Digger is dying and he soon confesses that he killed the man who was found dead on Southfork. The man was Hutch McKinney who had slept with Digger's wife, Rebecca. Digger killed him when he learned of the affair. Pam learns from Digger that Hutch was her real father. Digger dies after his confession.

Episode 53: Wheeler Dealer

Pam starts searching for her mother who might possibly be alive. Jock, Miss Ellie, Bobby and Pam get to see Jock's former wife, Amanda in the mental hospital. JR learns that the oil fields in Asia will be nationalized. He sells 75% to the cartel, but does not tell them the fields will be nationalized.

Episode 54: A House Divided

The cartel and JR's banker are financially ruined after the fields are nationalized. Seth Stone, a cartel member kills himself. JR treatens to destroy Kristin and Alan Beam and that he will put Suellen away again. Pam and Bobby decide to leave Dallas when Bobby learns that JR is going to close down the field that Cliff gets half of the income of. JR is shot at the Ewing Oil offices at the end of the episode.