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Episode 55: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 1
JR lies close to death as the Ewing family awaits news of his fate. Everyone hopes JR will regain consciousness and identify his attacker.
Episode 56: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 2
As JR has a second surgery Bobby takes over Ewing Oil at Jock's request. Suellen worries that she may have shot JR during a drunken stupor. The suspect list gets longer.
Episode 57: Nightmare
JR fights to overcome paralysis as Bobby learns that JR will fight his every move from the hospital. Miss Ellie finds the gun that shot JR in JR's bedroom closet.
Episode 58: Who Done It?
Suellen's fingerprints are identified on the gun who shot JR and is arrested. Suellen's bail is set by an unknown source. Suellen tries to find comfort in Kristin.
Episode 59: Taste Of Success
As the head of Ewing Oil Bobby lets the power go to his head. Bobby works hard to buy a refinery which JR never accomplished.
Episode 60: The Venezuelan Connection
JR and Bobby are in conflict over running Ewing Oil and Jock is in the middle. Lucy introduces Mitch to her friends with disastrous results.
Episode 61: The Fourth Son
Ray Krebbs' father, Amos, who he has not seen or heard from since he was 3 returns. He tells Ray and then Jock that Ray is Jock's son. Amos has proof and takes Ray in. JR and Miss Ellie have a hard time with this. An oil tanker with 600,000 barrels of oil sinks and the oil is not insured.
Episode 62: Trouble at Ewing 23
An extortionist threatens to blow up Ewing 23. Bobby wants to do it the right way, but JR takes it into his own hands and the extortionist dies.
Episode 63: The Prodigal Mother
Pam believes she has found her mother, but the woman dashes her hopes. Lucy proposes to Mitch. JR finds a way to get Bobby in trouble with Jock.
Episode 64: Executive Wives
JR encourages Jock to consummate a business deal, fully aware that this will conflict with Bobby's plans. Pam is feeling second to Bobby's work and starts getting attention from business associate, Alex Ward.
Episode 65: End of the Road, Part 1
Mitch Cooper's sister, Afton and mother arrive for Lucy and Mitch's wedding. JR sleeps with Afton which worries Suellen. Bobby gets in a tough position after he enters a oil drilling agreement.
Episode 66: End of the Road, Part 2
At Lucy and Mitch's wedding, Suellen makes a play for Clint Ogden (a former boyfriend) to get even with JR who is still showing interest in Afton. Bobby resigns as President of Ewing Oil and Miss Ellie accuses Jock of behavior which she cannot forgive.
Episode 68: Start The Revolution With Me
JR's campaign for power puts him further under Leslie Stewart's power. JR goes ahead with his plans to destroy South-East Asian Govenment.
Episode 69: The Quest
JR uses his influence to make sure that Cliff Barnes does not get chosen for public office. Suellen can't get anyone to believe that JR is having her followed.
Episode 70: Love Comes Back
JR's foreign coup brings the cartel back. Donna and Ray get back together and plan to get married. Suellen learns that Dusty is alive, but wants nothing to do with her.
Episode 71: The New Mrs. Ewing
Donna and Ray are married. The war between Jock and Ellie over Takapa gets worse. Bobby forms a new business alliance with Cliff. Bobby confronts Alex Ward over Pam.
Episode 72: Mark of Cain
Leslie Stewart reels in JR and Bobby is caught in the middle of Miss Ellie and Jock's fighting.
Episode 73: The Gathering Storm
Jock threatens to sell Ewing Oil if Miss Ellie divorces him, thanks to JR.
Episode 74: Ewing Vs. Ewing
Donna and Ray try to reconcile Jock and Miss Ellie only to find their problem is deeper than the Takapa project. As JR works to sell Ewing Oil. Leslie's ex-husband shows up in Dallas.
Episode 75: New Beginnings
Jock and Ellie reconciliation results in a second honeymoon and JR's plans are shot down.
Episode 76: Full Circle
Kristin Shepard returns from California to reveal another scheme. Suellen meets Dusty again. Lucy moves back to Southfork. Cliff uses Westar to help build a case against JR in connection with the South-East Asian coup. Cliff gives the information over to Bobby's Senate Committee.
Episode 77: Ewing-gate
JR faces the possible loss of Ewing Oil and going to jail. Cliff finds a body of a dead woman in the Southfork pool.