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Episode 78: Missing Heir
The identity of the dead woman floating in the pool is revealed. JR and Cliff accuse each other of the murder and both are questioned by the police.
Episode 79: Gone, But Not Forgotten
JR and Cliff testify at the inquest. A grieving Suellen takes action to end her marriage.
Episode 80: Showdown At San Angelo
JR uses Miss Ellie to gain access to the Southern Cross Ranch and his son as Suellen is unsure about building a life with Dusty.
Episode 81: Little Boy Lost
Temporary custody of John Ross makes JR try anything to get him back. This time things work out for Suellen and she gets custody.
Episode 82: The Sweet Smell Of Revenge
JR launches a no-hold-barred attack on the Farlows in an effort to get Suellen and John Ross off the Southern Cross. Bobby is forced to have Pam hospitalized for depression, and he is contacted by an extortionist who gives him a picture of Kristin and her baby.
Episode 83: Big Shutdown
JR secretly attempts to get $200 million dollars to buy up the Farlow's oil supply and force Suellen and John Ross to leave the ranch.
Episode 84: Blocked
Clayton Farlow refuses to give in to JR's demand. Bobby makes arrangements to buy more information regarding the identity of Kristin's baby. Pam becomes increasingly withdrawn and nobody know if she will get better.
Episode 85: The Split
Ellie receives a shocking legal document from Jock which affects the future of Ewing Oil. Jock continues on his mission in South America. JR has a confrontation with Dusty at the Cotton Bowl Statium.
Episode 86: Five Dollars A Barrel
JR is forced to submit to Cliff's demand for Ewing property after Cliff buys notes on JR's $200 million loan and threatens foreclosure. JR tries to get Ray and Gary's shares. Pam is allowed to leave the hospital for a brief visit to Southfork.
Episode 87: Starting Over
Miss Ellie wants to help Ray out of his financual problem and uncovers JR's schemes in the process. JR consults a broker in New York about selling Ewing stock. Suellen says goodbye to Dusty. Bobby buys Kristin's baby thinking JR is the father. Bobby unintentionally surprises Pam with the baby.
Episode 88: Waterloo At Southfork
Pam is happy taking care of Christopher, the new baby, while Bobby secretly investigates legal possibilities of adoption. Miss Ellie agrees to back JR as President of Ewing Oil on the condition that he not destroy Suellen at the divorce hearing. JR tries to get Suellen declaired an unfit mother, but loses custody of John Ross to Suellen. Ray has to pull out of his develpment deal and Jock is still in South America.
Episode 89: Barbecue Two
After the divorce hearing Suellen moves into her new apartment in Dallas, with John Ross. A cable from Jock announces his arrival from South America and Miss Ellie plans a barbecue as a homecoming. The whole family waits for Jock to arrive including barbecue guests Rebecca Wentworth, Clayton Farlow, Cliff Barnes and Suellen with John Ross. Miss Ellie receives a phone call and tells JR about the tragic news.
Episode 90: The Search
JR, Bobby and Ray fly to South America to join in the investigation at the site of Jock's crashed helicopter. The search only leaves more questions as Bobby finds Jock's medallion and nothing else. Miss Ellie, Donna and Pam wait at Southfork for information while Suellen takes John Ross and goes back to Dallas.
Episode 91: Denial
Jock's death devastates JR, Ray and Lucy the most. JR goes to Serena for comfort and neglects Ewing Oil. Bobby takes over most of the operation. Miss Ellie does not want Jock's will to be read or to declare him dead. Ray refuses another business deal with Punk Anderson and Donna becomes successful with her book about Sam Culver.
Episode 92: Head Of The Family
Ray neglects the ranch and Bobby has to put him in line. Clayton offers his friendship to Suellen. Lucy is offered a modeling portfolio. Miss Ellie does not want Bobby to step in at Ewing Oil even though JR is not doing his job. Bobby tells Pam that Christopher's parents were from Louisiana and had been killed in a car crash. Donna decides to write another book about Sam Culver.
Episode 93: The Phoenix
JR finally goes back to work and brings John Ross to Ewing Oil for the first time. Ray and Bobby get in a fight over Ray not doing his job at the ranch. Pam is worried if Christopher is from a healthy family. Lucy's photographer (Roger) starts to follow her. JR is afraid Jock's will might hurt how he wants to run Ewing Oil. Ray has an affair. JR sleeps with Marilee Stone and convinces her to ask the cartel to work with Ewing Oil.
Episode 94: My Father, My Son
JR goes to Donna to get Ray's voting shares. JR sees Suellen with Cliff and hires a detective to watch her house. JR tells Afton she needs to get Cliff to stop seeing Suellen. Donna goes to do research for her book. A lawyer tells Bobby that Suellen must give her permission for him to adopt Christopher. Lucy turns to Roger when he learns that Mitch was with a Evelyn Michaelson. JR, John Ross and Suellen spend time together at a park.
Episode 95: Anniversary
JR plans a deal to bring Cliff down with the help of Wally Hampton. Cliff falls for it. Rebecca is not sure about seeing Cliff and leaves it up to him. Evelyn confronts Lucy and says she wants Mitch. Donna discovers Ray in bed with another woman. Bobby buys Pam and aerobics business and JR tries to win Suellen back. JR showed her a video of when the met and she was Miss. Texas.
Episode 96: Adoption
Suellen accepts JR's invitation to dinner with Southfork. Roger, Lucy's photographer, gets more obsessed with her. JR has Ray arrested and tries to get Ray's voting shares out of him. Donna punches, Bonnie, the woman who slept with Ray. Bobby asks Suellen for an affidavit saying she does not want to raise Christopher and does not know who his father is. The court grants Pam and Bobby temporary custody. Suellen is mad at JR because she believes he may be Christopher's father.
Episode 97: The Maelstrom
Suellen tells Clayton that Kristin and JR were lovers. Ray recovers from Jock's death and makes up with Donna. JR thinks Bobby put Suellen against him. Mitch wants a divorce from Lucy. Lucy turns to Roger. Jeff Faraday asks to meet with Bobby and JR wants to meet with Cliff's half-sister Katherine.
Episode 98: The Prodigal
Rebecca gives Cliff control of Wentworth Tool and Dye which upsets Katherine. Donna learns that Sam Culver and Jock had Sam's uncle Jonas Culver committed to a mental institution to get his land. Jonas later killed himself. JR gets a copy of Christopher's birth certificate from California. Katherine meets with JR on how to stop Cliff. JR tries to get Cliff to buy worthless land. Jeff Faraday blackmails Bobby. Roger threatens Lucy and Pam tells Roger to stay away from Lucy.
Episode 99: Vengeance
Miss Ellie questions Suellen about whether she is serious about Cliff. Afton tells JR that Clayton is in love with Suellen. Lucy asks to work with another photographer. Faraday wants more money from Bobby. An adoption investigator arrives at Southfork. Mitch tells Lucy again he wants a divorce.
Episode 100: Blackmail
JR thinks he is Christopher's father. Clayton goes overseas on vacation and Suellen accuses JR of destroying her friendship with Clayton. Bobby finds Jeff Faraday murdered. Donna and Miss Ellie clash over Donna's discovery of Jock's involvement in Jonas Culver's death. Cliff asks Suellen to marry him. JR tells Bobby he is Christopher's father and blackmails Bobby with it. Roger kidnaps Lucy. The police question Bobby about Jeff Faraday's murder.
Episode 101: The Investigation
Rebecca learns Cliff has been withdrawing large amounts of money from Wentworth Tool and Dye. Pam and Bobby rescue Lucy from Roger and Mitch shows up at the hospital to see Lucy. Lucy agrees to go ahead with the divorce. Cliff may lose everything and asks Suellen for help. Suellen says he is using her. Suellen tells Pam about what Cliff asked. Bobby learns Faraday was killed during a drug deal when he failed to come up with the money. JR tells Suellen she belongs as Southfork.
Episode 102: Acceptance
Rebecca fires Cliff from Wentworth Tool and Dye for taking the money. Bobby tells Pam the truth about Christopher and they fly to Los Angeles to learn about the truth. They learn that she miscarried JR's baby and that Faraday was Christopher's father. Clayton comes back to Dallas and JR and Suellen tell the family that they plan to marry again. Lucy tells Muriel she was raped by Roger. Cliff tries to kill himself after he learns she is going to remarry JR. Rebecca comes to Southfork and tells Miss Ellie that the Ewing-Barnes feud will continue. Suellen tells JR she cannot marry him if Cliff does not live.