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Episode 104: Changing of the Guard
Miss Ellie, Bobby and Lucy vote to have JR removed as President of Ewing Oil. JR learns that Christopher is not his son. Rebecca, Afton and Pam visit Cliff who is still in a coma. Ewing Oil gets new offices. Bobby meets with Holly Harwood of Harwood Oil. JR accepts Holly's offer to run Harwood Oil. Lucy learns she is pregnant with Roger's baby.
Episode 105: Where There's A Will
JR tries to see Jock's will by using Serena and blackmailing Harve Smithfield's son-in-law. Ray gets a letter from Aunt Lil about Amos Krebbs' health. Suellen visits Cliff in the hospital before he is discharged. Suellen is having second thoughts about marrying JR and goes to see Clayton at the Southern Cross. Marliee offers Cliff a job. Lucy tells Pam about her pregnancy.
Episode 106: Billion Dollar Question
Lucy has an abortion. Cliff takes Marliee's offer. The Ewings get the Oil Baron's Ball invitation. Miss Ellie decides to go to the ball. Holly Harwood rebuffs JR's sexual advances. JR pressures Ellie to open Jock's will and tries to use the IRS to put pressure on Bobby. Ray gets news that Amos is dead. JR visits Suellen at Clayton's ranch and Clayton learns that Dusty is coming back.
Episode 107: The Big Ball
Dusty questions Suellen about her and JR and Suellen meets Dusty's wife, Linda. Donna and Ray goes to Amos Krebbs' funeral and Ray meets his rebellious cousin, Mickey Trotter. JR continues to secretly run Harwood Oil. Suellen leaves the Southern Cross. The Jock Ewing Memorial Scholarship is announced at the ball. Miss Ellie decides to declare Jock dead.
Episode 108: Jock's Will
Pamela tries to get Lucy back to work. Ray and Donna stay and Kansas and Ray learns that Mickey has been in trouble with the law. Ray decides to bring Mickey to Southfork. Suellen and JR set a wedding date. Bobby testifies in court about the search for Jock and Jock is declared legally dead. The reading of Jock's will sets the stage for a year long battle between Bobby and JR for control of Ewing Oil.
Episode 109: Aftermath
JR and Bobby begin to batter for control of Ewing Oil and Miss Ellie fears it will destroy a family. Lucy starts to question her father's love for her. Ray is glad the Jock kept him out of Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie tells Donna she thinks Jock hurt Gary in the will. JR pressures Walt Driscoll the head of Land Management to get an oil variance. Rebecca gets an oil company and asks Cliff to run it and Rebecca hopes to use the company against JR. Lucy goes back to work. Bobby gets in a deal with the McLeish brothers in Canada and Pam and Bobby are happy to hear that an adoption date has been set for Christopher.
Episode 110: Hit and Run
The battle over Ewing Oil gets tougher. Cliff becomes President of Barnes/Wentworth Oil. Pam helps Bobby secure the Canadian deal. Lucy works with a woman photographer. Widower Frank Crutcher offers Miss Ellie friendship. Pam is in the middle of the Barnes-Ewing Feud once again. JR schemes to get the oil variance. Lucy's lawyer tells her Mitch may be after money in the divorce settlement.
Episode 111: The Ewing Touch
JR blackmails Walt Driscoll and gets his variance. Miss Ellie tries to make up with Rebecca. Christopher's adoption becomes final. Cliff is mad that Pamela helped Bobby secure the Canadian deal. JR pumps oil at full capacity. Ray finds Mickey in the bar instead of working. Miss Ellie brings Frank Crutcher to dinner at Southfork. JR tries to sabotage Bobby.
Episode 112: Fringe Benefits
Bobby's Canadian deal is delayed becase of weather problems. Suellen and JR get ready for their wedding. Pam and Suellen become closer. JR questions Miss Ellie about Frank Crutcher. JR tries to use Suellen to get a refinery deal, but it backfires and Cliff gets the deal with Afton's help. The cartel sides with Cliff. Pam tells Bobby that Jock's will is ruining the family.
Episode 113: The Wedding
On December 3, 1982, Suellen and JR remarry at Southfork. The cartel does not attend the wedding. Mickey and Lucy meet and Ray warns Mickey to stay away from Lucy. Jordan Lee pressures Bobby to stop JR's uncontrolled pumping. Punk Anderson is the administrator of Jock's estate and Punk tells JR has to follow the rules. Miss Ellie tells Clayton he reminds her of Jock. Bobby accuses JR of using Jock's will to destroy Ewing Oil. Afton fears that Cliff still loves Suellen and Donna agrees to serve on the Texas Energy Commission.
Episode 114: Post Nuptial
Cliff makes a scene at the wedding and then fights with JR in the pool. Rebecca encourages the cartel to put the screws to JR. Holly tells Bobby about JR owning 25 percent of her company. A man tries to take advantage of Lucy. Donna fears her membership in Energy Commission could cause problems in the family. Bobby suspects JR of selling oil to an embargoed company and contronts him.
Episode 115: Barbecue Three
Lucy rebuffs Mickey's advances. The Energy Commission votes to rescind JR's variance. Holly turns to Bobby to stop JR. JR opens gas stations in Texas. With the cheap gas the Energy Commission changes their minds about rescinding the variance. Bobby tells Pam he fears he may lose Ewing Oil to JR. Holly tells Bobby she wants to be on his side of the fight. Angry oilmen led by Cliff and the cartel confront JR at the Ewing BQQ, but Bobby, Ray and Miss Ellie stick up for the Ewing family. Miss Ellie decides to stop the battle for Ewing Oil by going to court to break Jock's will.
Episode 116: Mama Dearest
Miss Ellie's decision to contest Jock's will causes further divisions in the family. JR warns Miss Ellie he will fight her in court. Bobby sides with JR against Miss Ellie. Harv Smithfield says he cannot represent Miss Ellie because of his legal and moral loyalty and obligation to Jock. Bobby accuses Pam of siding with Miss Ellie against him. Clayton visits Miss Ellie at Southfork and JR confronts Clayton. JR gets more media attention for his gas stations. Miss Ellie's new lawyer suggests it might be necessary to question Jock's mental competency at the time the will was made. Cliff moves into a new place and Afton questions Cliff about marriage.
Episode 117: The Ewing Blues
Miss Ellie has second thoughts about fighting Jock's will. Donna is frustrated with the Texas Energy Commission and considers quitting, but Ray tells her she should stay. Pamela meets Mark Graison who is attracted to her right away. Afton gets mad at Cliff for not taking the idea of marriage seriously. Ray and JR get in a fight over Donna being on The Energy Commission. Mark uses a pretext to see Pam for breakfast. JR blackmails Holly with Harwood Oil. JR and Suellen are on television for publicity and on the show JR says Bobby is too weak to run Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie decides to go through with breaking Jock's will.
Episode 118: The Reckoning
JR and Bobby unite against Miss Ellie in the fight to over turn Jock's will. Pam sides with Miss Ellie while Suellen sides with JR. If Miss Ellie wins the old will from 15 years ago will go into effect. Suellen learns of Mark Graison's interest in Pam and tells JR who tries to use it to break up Pam and Bobby. Ray and JR have another fight. JR and Bobby try to convince Punk to be on their side in court. Mark becomes very interested in Pam and Suellen questions Pam about her marriage and Mark. Miss Ellie testifies in court that Jock was mental incompetent when he wrote the codicil to the will, but she loses the battle.
Episode 119: A Ewing Is A Ewing
Cliff plots to tempt JR with a political office. Mark continues to try and impress Pam. JR gets a visit from an Air Force general concerning the cancelled contracts with the military by Harwood Oil. JR uses Suellen to try and get Clayton to refine his oil, but the plan backfires. Bobby sees JR with George Hicks of the Energy Commission and believes that JR has bought him off. Miss Ellie goes to Galveston to get away and runs into Clayton. JR tries to romance Holly, but she pulls a gun on him and threatens to kill him. Miss Ellie has a good time with Clayton in Galveston. Bobby plots to play dirty with George Hicks.
Episode 120: Crash of 1983
JR gets suspicious of Clayton's intentions of Miss Ellie. Hicks is questioned by Bobby about him and JR and Hicks denies knowing JR. Ray is worried about Mickey and Lucy spending time together. JR gets a call from Walt Driscoll who is in the Cayman Islands. Bobby blackmails Hicks and makes him change his voting on the variance. Pam is disgusted when Bobby tells her about blackmailing Hicks. After recieves news that the Wentworth Jet has crashed.
Episode 121: Requiem
After the plane crash Rebecca dies with Pam at her bedside and Clayton blames JR for her death. The Energy Commission rescinds the variance and JR gets mad at Hicks who tells him he was blackmailed by Bobby. Cliff takes the blame for Rebecca's death and seeks consolation from Afton. Katherine arrives from New York and accuses Cliff of having caused Rebecca's death. Suellen accuses Donna of being the reason JR lost his variance. JR pushes his Caribbean deal. Mark Graison attends Rebecca's funeral, but JR stays away. Pam tells Bobby she cannot live at Southfork anymore and needs time away from the Ewings.
Episode 122: Legacy
Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork and JR is delighted. She moves to a hotel. The cartel celebrates JR losing his variance. JR tells Mark Graison that Pam and Bobby split up. JR vows to keep selling cut rate gas. Mark visits Pam at the hotel. Rebecca's will is read and Pam, Katherine, Cliff and Afton get their shares. Lucy and Mickey become friends. Cliff and Katherine reconcile. JR and Walt Driscoll continue collaborating on the Caribbean deal. Clayton tells Suellen that he used to be in love with her, but now he is seeing Miss Ellie. JR offers Bobby a "compromise solution" to the battle for Ewing Oil, but wants nothing to do with it. JR succeeds in making Bobby look bad in front of the family.
Episode 123: Brothers and Sisters
JR could go to jail after shipping to Cuba. Clayton sells the Southern Cross to be closer to Miss Ellie. Holly wants JR out of Harwood Oil. Katherine arranges for Bobby to see Pam and Mark at a restaurant. JR is forced to pay $100,000 to Walt Driscoll;s contact man. Mark pursues Pam. JR is very happy to see Katherine pursuing Bobby. Donna, Ray and Dave Culver wonder whether JR could run for a seat in the US Congress if he loses to Bobby. Miss Ellie helps Clayton find a home in Dallas. Bobby tells Pam again that he is determined to win Ewing Oil. JR tells Walt Driscoll he is ready to sell 1 million barrels of oil to Cuba.
Episode 124: Carribean Connection
Donna accuses Mickey of being interested in Lucy just for money. Katherine tries to persuade Mark to stay close to Pam. Clayton continues to look for homes in Dallas. Bobby and Ray uncover JR's Caribbean deal and if the state department finds out it could be the end of Ewing Oil. Mark continues to see Pam. Cliff finally recovers from Rebecca's death and buys a company from Mark. JR considers going into politics, but Suellen fears her past alcohol problems and affairs will cause problems.